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Wilbranch High: A Monsterhearts Story 01

Wilbranch High is full of normal students who have the unfortunate pleasure of taking Summer classes this year. In the first episode the gang gets ready for the sickes...

Wilbranch High: A Monsterhearts Story 02

Unexpected bonds are formed, but sinister things are rising in the shadows of Wilbranch

Wilbranch High: A Monsterhearts Story 03

Secrets are revealed, but even more are discovered. Who's targeting Abby? Is Cessily's family involved? What kind of stupid crap is Iggy getting into now?

Wilbranch High: A Monsterhearts Story 04

Wilbranch has their very own Mystery Inc! Except they're not as successful as those meddling kids.

Wilbranch High: A Monsterhearts Story 05

Things escalate very quickly for our gang. And truths are finally revealed.

Wilbranch High: A Monsterhearts Story 06

Consequences, comforts, and creepiness are in store for Wilbranch's favorite group of misfits.

Wilbranch High: A Monsterhearts Story 07

Cessily tries taking things into her own hands, Ash stares into the abyss, and Iggy does Iggy things

Wilbranch High: A Monsterhearts Story 08

In the penultimate episode, the history of the Kincaids is finally revealed. One of the gang tries taking things into their own hands.

Wilbranch High: A Monsterhearts Story 09 (Season Finale)

In the season finale of Wilbranch High, bridges are mended, forces reveal themselves, and an ending none of the players saw coming.

Wilbranch High Season 1 Roundtable

The cast of Wilbranch High sit down and talk their favorite moments, ask the GM some plot questions, and speculate what will happen in the next season of this tabletop...

Wilbranch High: Senior Year Trailer

The Overseer has done so much to maintain the balance at Wilbranch Valley. Despite all it's done however it finds it needs the help of a group of misfits and monsters ...

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 01

It's the start of a brand new year at Wilbranch High! After a relatively uneventful summer the gang is excited to start senior year. All except for one, who swears thi...

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 02

Annabelle is told more about her memories of the previous timeline, and now needs to figure out a way to tell the gang. One of them is more reluctant than expected how...

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 03

Still fearful of the upcoming conflict, Iggy turns to an unexpected source to find his courage. The others however, don't seem as thrilled at Iggy's 'friend'.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 04

The gang finds some information on their first case. What's going on at the Wilbranch mental health center? Why are people losing their memories? Lorelei's weakness is...

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 05

Cecily and Iggy's infiltration of the clinic goes as smoothly as expected. And the gang takes a group nap, with brings an unexpected guest.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 06

The Dreameater's causing the gang to lose sleep, and Skull Rider makes a deal he should've have made.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 07

Iggy deals with the consequences of his 'friend's' action. Ash has a wide awake encounter with the Dreameater

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 08

Wilbranch's favorite group of monster hunters participate in a sleep study, and have the final confrontation with the Dreameater.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 09

While Anabelle deals with being grounded, the rest of the gang meets an old friend of Abuela's who gives them a few gifts.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 10

Just when the Gang thought they could have a normal night, a new mystery randomly appears. They turn to the least likely person for help, Pup.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 11

Waiting for Cessily to analyze the Ollie's hat, the gang continue their search for the missing child. At least, they thought he was missing.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 12

Still perplexed by Pup's missing time, the gang meets a blogger with some knowledge of the paranatural.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 13

Cessily senses something amiss during her time away from the gang, and their second 'first' meeting with Jason Elroy gives them new information.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 14

TW WARNING: LOSS & DEATH Ash and Lorelei do some snooping on their own, with typical results. And Ms Lewis gives the gang information that changes their whole persp...

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 15

Still reeling from Ms. Lewis' revelation, the gang ventures to Ollie's spot in the forest. However, their real source of fear is from Lorelei's own household.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 16

As our teenage monster hunters turn to different sources to deal with a child spirit, they find that Ollie may not be all he seems.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 17

After dealing with two drastically different sides of the same kid, the gang goes through the loop for hopefully the last time.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 18

An old friend returns with some shocking news, and for once the gang actually PLANS something.

Wilbranch High: Senior Year 19

Ash tests Cessily to see if she has the magic, and Lorelei has a really close call with fire.